A Brief History:

On October 26, 1962, the South Hero Volunteer Fire Department purchased a 1956 Superior Cadillac Ambulance for $2,100. As South Hero's first "ambulance," the Cadillac was used primarily as a transportation unit, to bring patients to the hospital.  


In 1972, new protocols in Vermont changed the scope of rescue work from a transportation service  to emergency medical care. Since 1972, squad members have been trained to provide basic and advanced first aid, oxygen therapy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and administration of intravenous fluids.

As a result of the new protocols, in February, 1973, the SHVFD purchased a late 1972 Chevrolet van, equipped with bag mask units, manifold suction, stair chair, spine boards, additional oxygen equipment, and jump kits for all EMTs.


On June 20, 1973, the members of SHVFD who were emergency medical responders created South Hero Rescue, Inc. The initial board of directors for the new rescue squad were: Mark Sikora (president), Reg Cassidy, Judy Allen, Anne Marshall, and Ray W. Allen.










In July, 1978, a new rescue squad building was erected on US Rte 2 by squad members and donated labor. It housed an ambulance bay, classroom and practice area, storage area, and a hospital equipment loan closet.

In July 2018, S. Hero Rescue & S. Hero Fire & First Response moved out of their various aging buildings into a new combined Fire/Rescue building.